We provide raw materials for the production of dietary supplements and food

  • Plant extracts

  • Oils

  • Other raw materials

Plant extracts

Plant extracts are natural ingredients that, due to their positive impact on the body, find numerous applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

Plant extracts available in the market vary in concentration relative to the starting material (DER – dry extract ratio) and standardization. They contain various active substances, including polyphenols, antioxidants, saponins, tannins, and others.

To provide our customers with access to a wide range of diverse raw materials and to meet their expectations and business plans, we have partnered with leading suppliers from around the world. We offer extracts from China, the Indian Peninsula, Europe, and Hawaii. For years, our partner has been the French company Evear Extraction, known for high-quality artichoke extract (including ADIPOcynar® and CHONDROcynar®), acerola, and guarana. We also collaborate with the Italian company Iprona SpA, the owner of the renowned brand Eldercraft®, and the Italian extractor NvH Italia s.r.l.

If you don’t see the extract you need for your formula on the list below, don’t worry – just get in touch, and we will find and source it specifically for you and your company.


We offer a wide range of plant and animal oils, supplying products from the Dutch company DeWit Speciality Oils.

We are a leader in the distribution of borage and evening primrose oils for softgel capsule production in the Polish market.

Our oils are also used in other industries, such as cosmetics, specialized animal feed products, and food enriched with fatty acids.

The oils are available in cold-pressed, virgin, refined, and organic versions.

Oils are available in 25 kg and 190 kg drums, as well as 950 kg IBC containers.

Are you interested in a specific oil that is not on the list below? Just contact us, and we will source it specifically for you.

Other raw materials

We do not limit our assortment to plant extracts and oils; therefore, we offer our partners products such as colostrum, beta-glucans, vitamin D3, yeast, bee products, and marine-derived raw materials.

We collaborate with companies like Lallemand Inc. and the leading colostrum producer, the Dutch company Vitomega Colostrum B.V.

In the Polish market, PK Components is the exclusive distributor of the highest-quality beta-glucan, Yestimun®, and Interyeast® Vital yeast from the German company Leiber GmbH.

Are you looking for another raw material for your product? That works perfectly – let us know what you need because we can source it for you from around the world.