About us

Raw material distributor
for the production of dietary supplements and food

Since 2010

We are a distributor of raw materials for the production of dietary supplements and food. Our supplied plant extracts and oils also find application in cosmetics and animal feed production.

We have been operating in the B2B market since 2010, continuously expanding our know-how, international supplier network, and portfolio throughout the years.

As a result, we offer more than just products; we provide substantive support and real assistance tailored to your individual needs. Another aspect of our business is the dissemination of knowledge and sharing of experience in the field of food law and raw material quality.



We actively support organizations whose activities complement our business in serving clients.

An example of this is industry-specific webinars dedicated to current topics.

On our account, we also have industry initiatives such as the MeetUp Food Supplements Ingredients Business & Science conference series and SPRING§AGENDA.


Our mission is to provide your company with precisely the raw materials you need to launch a high-quality product into the market. PK Components’ priority is a comprehensive, individual approach to every partnership.


In our strategic vision, we aim to be a leader in an even greater number of market segments. This entails expanding our team and scale of operations so that customers from Poland and beyond can be confident that we will handle every detail of their orders in the best, most efficient, and most advantageous manner.

How do we operate?

  • Contacting our company means reaching out to our sales team. In our initial conversations, we determine your needs and provide access to quality documentation, and if necessary, samples of raw materials.

  • When you decide to place an order with our company, you are guaranteed comprehensive customer service. Your order manager takes care of the formal aspects related to the order, overseeing logistics and the supply chain.

  • Your order is treated as a priority. Products are shipped from our warehouse or sourced directly from manufacturers’ stocks.

  • We also guarantee post-sales support, primarily in quality-related matters, overseen by our Quality Manager. You can also be assured that the necessary documentation will be available to you even years after placing the order.


We deliver products from 23 countries

We collaborate with trusted and long-standing partners from around the world

Advantages of PK Components

Why should you collaborate with us?

We cooperate with trusted and long-standing partners from all over the world

  • Several years of experience and continuous growth.

  • Proven raw material quality backed by research.

  • Long-standing, trusted suppliers.

  • Access to raw materials from around the world and extensive experience in imports.

  • Specialized and diverse expertise within our team.

  • An attractive quality-to-price ratio – from premium-class products to budget-friendly raw materials.

  • Comprehensive technical support at every stage of the order.

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Our business card is a stable market position, customer trust, and a comprehensive offering that combines consulting and sales into a reliable business partnership.